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Matt Costantino,  The Principal

RUSH Painting and Remodeling is different. Yes, we offer a full service, interior, exterior, residential, and commercial painting company.

Yes, we pride ourselves on using the most durable products on the market, while providing the highest quality in painting and customer service. In addition, we show up on time, provide detailed and professional proposals, and adhere to project schedules.

Although the above description details our services in a raw state, it is our opinion that those qualities are a given. They are automatic. Yet, if our company demonstrates those traits only, we would outshine several of the home improvement contractors in the marketplace today.

However, at RUSH Painting and Remodeling, we are more. We are committed to offering more than just a great paint job and impeccable customer service. We are continuously striving to create, not just a successful project, but enduring relationships and a customer experience, that is rooted in honesty, integrity, value, and happiness.

R.   U.   S.   H.


We know that people work hard for what they have and it is important that we treat our customers' properties and belongings as if they were our own. We aim to be more than careful. Our goal is to have reverence for the homes and businesses we serve, as well as concerns and respect for every aspect of the project.


The most effective way to deliver a seamless project experience is through creating a unity between our expectations and your vision for the end product. Rush Home Service Group will review the scope of work with you, prior to starting your project, to ensure we are in alignment and optimizing your service experience.


We want to say thank you. Without you, the customer, our business would not exist. Therefore, in gratitude, we aim to offer the highest level of service in every facet of the project, from estimate to final survey. Our expectation is not satisfaction. It is perfection.


When challenges do arise, at Rush Painting & Remodeling, we strive to react with efficiency and professionalism. Regardless of circumstance, we will act with character, integrity, and humility.

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